Textile waste becomes resources. Encounters turn into relationships.

Sartoria sociale produces sustainable clothing and accessory in Palermo.

It integrates a critical shop of used and vintage garments and textile laboratory based on recycling, where people from different social, ethnic and professional backgrounds work together.

We are a multidimensional company within the Al Revès Cooperative, which since 2012 promotes the craft knowledge and the professional inclusion of people with personal, relational or existential problems.




We receive second-hand clothes, fabrics and homeware.

Cleaning process

We check the quality of clothes and we give them professional cleaning.

Selection and distribution

We select the clothes, we can reuse and we donate to individuals or organization based on their needs.

Educational and upcycling

With recycled fabrics, we create new items and we lead workshops to encourage the recycling culture.

From the workshop to the shop

We sell all the clothes, We create in our shop in Via Alfredo Casella, 22 and online.

Production and cultural activities

With the sales we pay our employment and we help people in need. We also organize event promoting sustainable fashion.


Sartoria Sociale is first and foremost a place for socialization, based on the development of talents and the exchange of skills.

The working group provides a stable core, with sewing professional, social workers and communication experts.

There is also a network of volunteers with different backgrounds: former prisoners, women who are victims of human trafficking, disabled people, immigrants and people with mental health problems.

In addition to our core staff working, the social group Sartoria Sociale also includes the women of Pagliarelli Lab, a female sewing workshop in the Pagliarelli prison in Palermo.

Sartoria Sociale - moda sostenibile - Palermo
bene confiscato - moda sostenibile - Sartoria Sociale - Palermo


Sartoria Sociale is located in Palermo, Via Alfredo Casella 22.

The warehouse of the cooperative was established in the years 1979-1980 as a commercial warehouse, on the initiative of Immobiliare Raffaello, managed by the mafioso Antonino Buscemi.

The confiscation took place in 1998. The warehouse was closed for more than 15 years before it became the head office of a mobile shop, which was probably an activity of money laundering. From November 14, 2017 the warehouse became the shop and workspace of Sartoria Sociale.