Sustainable fashion

Give value to what already exist
We recycle clothes destined for landfields

Tailor made

Wear something unique
We make customize clothing to enhance your singularity

Creative recycling

Create virtuous circles
We create unique items from used or damaged clothes then a new purpose

Social enterprise

Develop talents and relationships
We promote creativity, socialization and the well-being of people


Sartoria Sociale is a second-hand clothing shop and creative workspace where professional sewers, social workers and disadvantaged people are involved in the recycling and upcycling of fabrics and clothing, according to the ethical principles of critical fashion and circular economy.

Sartoria Sociale - riparazioni sartoriali - Palermo
Sartoria Sociale - packaging per aziende - abbigliamento sostenibile
Sartoria Sociale - tappezzeria artistica - Palermo



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